Tiji Mask Dance Festival

The annual Tiji Festival, or the Tiji mask dance festival at Lo-Manthang, is a worship ceremony during which monks put on masks representing divine beings and perform ritual dances. Spectators come from villages all over Lo-Manthang. It is a colourful occasion in the most spectacular of settings. This festival lasts for four days and gets well-attended by devotees to be blessed and gain Sonam (good luck/merit). The people of Mustang put their religious fervour on display, along with their best ornaments and dress.

If you are Trekking to Mustang, consider the trip to coincide with the Tiji Mask dance Festival in Lomanthang. The beating of drums and singing fill the air as the ancient thangka, the religious paintings of Padmasambhava/ Guru Rinpoche, the Lotus-born Saint, the founder of Tibetan Buddhism in Tibet, are brought from the Palace of Lo Manthang into the square. The people of Lo, Upper Mustang, eagerly await its arrival through clouds of incense, and with great clamour and anticipation, the monks place the thangka on display by rolling it down a massive wall. The festival gets commonly celebrated by the people of Lo Tso Dhun, the seven provinces of Upper Mustang.

If you are Trekking to Mustang, then consider the trip coincide Tiji Mask dance Festival in Lomanthang”