Teej and Rishi Panchami

Teej and Rishi Panchami take place on two days in close succession, calling for women to observe religious fasting. Teej or Haritalika is a women’s festival. On the day of Teej, they fast for twenty-four hours for the longevity of their husbands and in the evening visit the shrine of Pashupati and other Shiva shrines and offer worship to Lord Shiva and his consort Parvati. Rishi Panchami is mainly devoted to cleansing the body by taking a ritual bath in a river for any sin the women may have committed during the past year. On this day, women worship the main ancestral seers in honour of the long ascetic tradition of Hinduism and the notion of purity of descent. All women whose husbands are still with them wear red garments and get decked out in all sorts of jewellery on these two days.

Rishi Panchami gets celebrated to remember the seven ancient sages, the Kashyapa, Bharadwaja, Atri, Gautama Maharishi, Vishvamitra, Vashishtha, and Jamadagni, believing devoted their life to the welfare of the society.

The Teej and Rishi Panchami festivals take place in different parts of the country on different dates and occasions in the beautiful summertime in the country. So please detail us your interest at, and we will present you with one of the best itineraries to involve you in these great activities, in traditional costume or as you wish. Teej is the occasion to enjoy the freedom, perform your dances, and learn how the Nepalese ethnic groups want the week all together in mass and groups in their best dresses and ornaments.

women whose husbands are still with them wear red, green, or orange clothes, and decked out in all sorts of jewellery on”