Dumji Mask Dance Festival

Dumji, a Buddhist mask dance festival, is an annually celebrated festival in the Sherpa community in which the whole town takes part. The responsibility of organising this event falls on every household, one to three times in one’s lifetime, depending on the number of homes in the community.

On this occasion, everyone is on equal terms with one another. Monks from all nearby monasteries get invited to recite the ceremony. The primary purpose of Dumji is twofold: to request various gods’ and goddesses’ help in subduing the demonic enemies of the village and celebrating the anniversary of the patron saint Lama Sanga Dorji.

During the festival, the monks from the monastery perform mask dances representing the deities while the head lama of the monastery recites a powerful mantra to protect the mask dancers. All Sherpas from the nearby villages gather in the courtyard of the host monastery. The young of the community gather and perform a comic skit representing the adverse events of the past years, negative character traits of individuals, and other unsocial scenes within the year in their communities. The festival for all Sherpas is not only to witness the ceremony but also to make offerings and earn merit for their next life and meet friends and enjoy good food and drink.

The well known Dumji festivals and practised since ancient time is of Golla village and Junbesi, in the Everest region. The festival destination gets reached by combining a short and beautiful trek enjoying the full bloom of rhododendron flowers and other wild orchids of springtime in the country. Please detail your interest at, and we will present you with one of the best itineraries that suit your interest and make it a lifetime trip to Nepal.

Dumji is an annually celebrated festival in the Sherpa community in which the whole town takes part”