Trekking Peaks Climbing Options

Trekking peaks are generally thought easy to climb and by all sorts of trekkers who want to climb a mountain during a trek. Except for some, all trekking peaks are on or around the major trekking routes and require 2–4 days added out to the trekking programme. But some trekking peaks call for a well-equipped expedition and a minimum of 12-15 days for the climbing period.

The trekking peaks of Nepal offer some of the country’s best panoramas, while also providing a chance to test out climbing in the Himalaya. All mountaineering groups to Nepal or Tibet aiming to scale a 7,000 – 8,000-metre peak first climbs a trekking peak in Nepal as an experimental exercise and for acclimatization.

To climb a trekking peak, one needs to bring one’s plastic boots, crampons and harness. The rest of the conventional equipment required for the course, such as ice- axe, rope, ice screw, snow bars, tents, and mattresses, are provided by our agency, Annapurna Treks & Expeditions Pvt.Ltd.

There are 33 peaks categorized as trekking peaks. The following is a list of them, their location, height and the caravan route to their base.