Special Trips 2020

Special Trips in Nepal - 2020
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Special Trips 2020

On the path of Buddha

We all have Buddha-nature within us, and we all can generate Bodhicitta. A visit to the birthplace of Buddha will provide us with vibration, awareness, and understanding of his teaching. It brings a sense of inner peace, happiness, and detachment. Nepal, lying at the lap of the Himalayas, has always been a sacred centre for […]

Everest Kalapathar Trek

Khumbu region, an area inhabited by the famous Sherpa people. The Sherpas started to become well known in the 1950s when the Tibet border closed following the occupation of Tibet. The trade between Nepal and Tibet stopped then, and the Sherpas, in search of a new means of livelihood, began to act as guides for […]

Annapurna and Everest Panorama Trek

Isolated and forbidden by itself until 1950, the Himalayan country Nepal is becoming more popular as one of the unique natural, cultural and adventurous destinations in the world. The home of Mt. Everest, Buddha and Sherpas – Nepal is a place of eternal attraction with magical culture and people, ancient history, superb scenery and some […]

Upper Mustang Trek

Also known as the Kingdom of Lo, Mustang existed as an independent state as early as the 5th century but later absorbed into Tibet in the 7th century. Later it achieved a degree of independence and became an important centre of the Sakyapa sect of Tibetan Buddhism. Ame Pal (1380-1450) founded a dynasty that has […]

Upper Dolpo to Jomsom Trek

A perfect way to see the real nature, the hidden Himalayas and cultures of western Nepal Treks in the west of Nepal is quite a different proposition to treks in other parts of the country. This part of Nepal is far less developed with fewer facilities available for visitors. Access is also far harder, especially […]