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Rolwaling Valley is a Beyul, one of the lands hidden by Padmasambhava. Located to the west of Khumbu it is a very narrow and isolated valley inhabited solely by Sherpas who cultivate barley and potatoes and keep yaks (male) and naks (female). The main settlements are Beding and Na. To the western edges of the Rolwaling village, about 30 kilometres, lies the famous Mount Gauri Shankar. This beautiful valley gorged by Rolwaling Chu (River) creating access to the Khumbu region by the Tashi Lapcha pass, which is a very high and dangerous pass, at 5,755 metres, always covered by snow and ice.
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Trekking in Nepal

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Rolwaling & Everest Trekking 21 Days

Rolwaling & Everest Trekking is an adventurous trekking trip in the Nepal Himalayas. The Rolwaling & Everest Trekking involves walking into the depths of the Bhote Koshi River and Ralwaling valleys with a beautiful setting of natural forest and waterfalls fed by a beautiful mountain range. Every night is spent in charming countryside camps,