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Mount Kangchenjunga (8,586m) lies on the border of Nepal and the Indian state of Sikkim. The region is inhabited mainly by Rai and Limbu people, collectively known as Kirantis, but there are Sherpas, Tibetan and Lepchas well. Along the trek, we'll see a very vibrant culture and lifestyle of the Rai and Limbu communities and the Tibetan and Sherpa at higher elevations. In the forests, one can admire the display of rhododendrons (March-April) on the Milke Danda ridge, thought to be one of the best rhododendron sanctuaries in the world. Himalayan orchids and many kinds of wildflowers and medicinal plants can find in abundance. On this trip, we first reach to the north side of Kanchenjunga Base Camp, Pangpema. In the region, there are beautiful views of Nepal peak and Tent peak, and Kanchenjunga itself becomes visible. After Pangpema we return to Ghunsa and cross the Mirgin La to reach the Kanchenjunga south base camp. The best time to trekking in this area is from mid-March to mid-April when the rhododendrons, magnolias and wild orchids are at their peak and September to mid-November.
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Trekking in Nepal

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Kanchenjunga Lumba-Sumba Pass Trekking

adventure on remote and hidden areas of Eastern Himalaya with glorious views Kanchenjunga and Lumba Sumba Pass trekking where the adventure takes you around nearly forgotten areas of far eastern corners of Nepal’s Himalaya range of world 3rd highest Mt. Kanchenjunga, the 5th Mt. Makalu and Kumbakarna. Kanchenjunga and Lumba Sumba Pass trekking lie beyond […]