Physical fitness

Trekking/walking activity in Nepal is one of the Worldly famous outdoor activities. Most of the travellers come to Nepal with their ambition of Trekking/Walking through over some of the panoramic circuits such as Everest basecamp, Annapurna Circuit, Annapurna basecamp, Round Manaslu, Kanchenjunga, and Dolpo, etc. The majority of the travellers are quite concerned about the altitude while they communicate with us for their trip plans. They think that the Trekking/walking in Himalaya is challenging, technical, and require special training and physical condition. But to opposite Nepal is a country where there are many permanent villages above 4000 metres above the sea level, which means they also farm in this altitude, they cattle and have full of vegetation for natural fuel and resources required for permanent living as anywhere in the World. This geographical condition allows one to walk as normal as in their home towns anywhere in Nepal. The vegetation in this elevation means there is enough oxygen and it is not a problem at all if you allow a pace to your hourly or daily walk, especially while gaining altitude.

Acclimatizing means to naturalize ourselves in the local environment required by our body system. And the acclimatisation can be achieved quickly and with enjoyment by not pushing excessively to our body. If one maintains daily walking distance, rest days for if you feel tired, extra free day for if you find a lovely place and want to stay a day there, which makes your mind happier and relaxes to the body. Acclimatisation also depends on mental conditions, especially on the degree of happiness, so be prepared to accept any meals available and readiness to taking any standard comforts in those remote places.  If you agree above lines, then you don’t need to worry about the trek in any part of Nepal. We suggest not to travel to Nepal if you are under medication, weak, and if you are suffering from the common cold, frequent pneumonia, tight time schedules, and preferring to go alone and without the help of a local travel outfitter. And in any other condition which will not comfort you even when you are on holiday, otherwise all age groups, without the above problems, could enjoy Trekking, Walking, rafting, and climbing in any elevation of Nepal. 

My family with kids at Poonhill Viewpoint

If you agree above lines, then you don’t need to worry about the trek in any part of Nepal”