Jokhang Monastery

Jokhang Monastery & Barkhor Street

Located in the centre of the ancient city of Lhasa, Jokhang Monastery was built in the seventh century by Songtsen Gompo, the Tang Princess Wen Cheng and Nepalese Princess Bhrikuti. The four-story main building displays a combination of Han, Tibetan, Indian and Nepalese architectural styles, as well as the mandalas world view of Buddhism. With the Hall of Amitayus Sutra as its centre, the monastery symbolizes the concentric design of the universe. The Hall of Sakyamuni is the most sacred part of the monastery.

Barkhor Street

The Barkhor Street circles around the Jokhang Monastery and it is one of the busiest streets in Lhasa. The circle is famed for the shopping street around Jokhang Monastery. Its 500 meters is thus the way along which pilgrims walk around the monastery.