About trekking peaks

The trekking peaks of Nepal offer some of the country’s best panoramas, while also providing a chance to test out climbing in the Himalaya”

The Thorang Peak, one of the most attractive peaks above the Thornag Pass in the Annapurna Circuit

Trekking peaks are generally thought easy to climb and by all sorts of trekkers who want to climb a mountain during a trek. Except for some, all trekking peaks are on or around the major trekking routes and require 2–4 days added out to the trekking programme. But some trekking peaks call for a well-equipped expedition and a minimum of 12-15 days for the climbing period.

The trekking peaks of Nepal offer some of the country’s best panoramas, while also providing a chance to test out climbing in the Himalaya. All mountaineering groups to Nepal or Tibet aiming to scale a 7,000 – 8,000-metre peak first climbs a trekking peak in Nepal as an experimental exercise and for acclimatization.

To climb a trekking peak, one needs to bring one’s plastic boots, crampons, and harness. The rest of the conventional equipment required for the course, such as ice-axe, rope, ice screw, snow bars, tents, and mattresses, are provided by our agency, Annapurna Treks & Expeditions Pvt. Ltd.

There are 27 peaks categorized as trekking peaks. The following is a list of them, their location and height.

01. Shigu Chuli (Fluted peak) 6,501 metres Annapurna Basecamp
02. Hiunchuli metres 6,434 metres Annapurna Basecamp Region
03. Pisang Peak 6,091 metres Manang Region
04. Chulu East 6,584 metres Manang Region
05. Chulu West 6,419 metres Manang Region
06. Pharchamo 6,279 metres Rolwaling Region
07. Ramdung 5,900 Rolwaling Region
08. Chekigo 6,121 metres Rolwaling Region
09. Ganja-la Chuli (Naya Kanga) 5863 metres Langtang Region
10. Langsisa Ri 6,412 metres Lantang Region
11. Larkya Peak 6,416 metres Manaslu Region
12. Lobuje 6,090 metres Everest Region
13. Lobuje West 6, 135 metres Everest Region
14. Imja Tse (Island Peak) 6,165 metres Everest Region
15. Cholatse 6,423 metres Everest Region
16. Kyazo Ri 6,151 metres Everest Region
17. Nirekha 6,159 metres Everest Region
18. Ombigaichen 6,340 metres Everest Region
19. Phari Lapcha 6,017 metres Everest Region
20. ABI Peak 6,043 metres Everest Region
21. Yubra Himal 6,048  Langtang Region
22. Mera Peak 6,470 metres Everest Region
23. Kusum Kangru 6,360 metres Everest Region
24. Kwangde 6,086 metres Everest Region
25. Khongma Tse (Mehara Peak) 5,849 metres Everest Region
26. Paldor Peak 5,903  Ganesh Himal  Region
27. Bokta 6,114 metres Kanchenjunga Region

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A picture of Amphu Lamcha Pass, after climbing Mera Peak